Quick 7 Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Who Travel!


Breastfeeding and travel! Is it just a “Ladies Talk?” Definitely no. Breastfeeding is an activity that every little baby and moms need at least, for 6-7 months.

World Breastfeeding Week

Let’s be honest, moms cannot stay indoors for 6 to 7 months especially if she is an avid traveler. Also, traveling without breastfeeding is tough, if you have a small baby. Moreover, traveling is vital too!

Hence, on World Breastfeeding Week, we are listing quick 7 tips for breastfeeding moms who TRAVEL! Yes, you read it right! Read on!

7 tips for breastfeeding moms who travel:

1.Make a pre-reservation and book a window seat:

Get yourself a window seat and carry a long cloth for breastfeeding your kid. Sounds good? It is one of the easiest ways to avoid the crowd on the bus or flight.

Window Seat in the flight

However, if you are unable to receive a window seat, swap the seat with another person. Once the baby becomes comfortable, then relax and sit back.

2. Carry a baby wrap and structured carrier too:

When you carry baby carriers such as Ergobaby Omni 360 or carry baby wraps such as Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 baby carrier. These baby carriers are indeed great and easy-to-use during travel. Once you are in the flight and you settle down, the baby wrap and baby carrier will allow you to settle down with comfort.

Baby Wrap

3. Ensure to carry backpack diaper bag too:

Diaper backpacks are some of the most useful products you can ever carry to travel with your baby. Some of the exquisite products include Robustrion Baby Nylon backpack, Voroly Diaper Bag Backpack.

Baby Diaper

These keep your hands absolutely free. Easy to use and lightweight backpacks give a relaxing stay-cation.

4. Wear comfortable clothes:

This is one of the most important points to focus on while traveling. Consider wearing a light cotton shirt and jeans. This will help you to breastfeed you, baby, in an easy manner.

Mom and Baby Travelling

Also, ensure to pack your extra clothes for you and your baby too. Loose top, comfortable inner wears, and many clothes. Moreover, the temperature at the place may vary and hence, take clothes accordingly.

5. Keep breastfeed milk separate from other goods:

It is indeed embarrassing to breastfeed your baby in front of thousands of people. Have you thought about this? Yes, you may have. What if you can store breastfeed milk for your baby in a super, high-quality bottle? Would it be preferable? Of course, it would be.

Baby Milk Bottle

You can carry Philips Avent Natural 2.0 Bottle for storing breast milk for the baby. Simple to use, sterilize the bottle before pouring the milk and store the milk for a longer time. Clean and thick plastic makes it a wonderful and worth product to use.

6. Forget not to carry antibacterial wipes too:

In order to keep your baby happy and clean during traveling, it is highly recommended to use good quality germ protection or antibacterial wipes. As a mom, you would love to use Neko Germ Protection Wipes or Savlon Germ Protection Wet Wipes.

Keep lots of extra wipes for your child and use them to wipe the seat and your baby’s body too.

7. Don’t forget your hand sanitizer:

You read it right. Hand sanitizer is the best therapy to keep your baby and your hands clean. In fact, amidst the COVID-19 situation, you should carry hand gloves, face mask and hand wash too.

Hand Sanitizer

You can always prefer to use Boldfit N95 mask for face, Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer, or Dettol Original Germ Protection Liquid handwash to keep yourself away from Corona Virus.

Final Words:

Be confident and find the unique ways and tips to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding and travel are indeed tough tasks. Further, taking care of your baby while being a traveling mom too.

This World Breastfeeding Week, take a resolution to be healthy and safe and to take utmost care of your baby’s health too. Happy Breastfeeding Week all moms!

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