6 Steps To Develop Power Pack Social Media Campaign


Nine-in-ten people make use of social media platforms. It is tough to survive without a social media campaign. Many people can connect with their loved ones through these channels.

Likewise, you can make use of social media platforms to connect with brands. Features allow you to purchase your ideal goods. Further, you can post amazing content for your page and grow the audience.

But what to post is a real game. Further, the content should be engrossing. The content should solve the viewers’ problems. Hence, to solve their problems, brands need to create a social media campaign.

Likewise, today we have noted down 6 steps to develop power pack social media campaigns for your brand.

6 steps to develop power pack social media campaign:

1. Understand the goal of social media campaign:

The first task is to know the goal of the campaign, determine the goal of social media campaign. These can simply include brand awareness, increase sales, generate leads, or any other.

Understand the Goal of Campaign

Likewise, a good social media strategy involves SMART goals. No matter what goal you choose, it will determine the metrics and success. Focus on conversion and leads.

2. Decide how to promote the campaign on every platform:

The next step includes deciding which social media platforms do you wish to promote your services! Indeed. To initiate this, you need to focus on who is your targeted audience is. Likewise, elaborate their interest and wants.

Decide how to promote the campaign on each platform

Take a glance at social media demographics. Likewise, compare the buyer’s habits of each platform. Check the social networks like Instagram, Facebook for insights.

3.Create a content calendar for the week:

Here comes the most crucial step. Create content. Content marketing is one of the most crucial parts of social media. Likewise, you need to make a content calendar for each week.

Create a content calendar for the week

Social media calendar includes what content to post on which day! Ex: Monday Motivational Quote to make your Monday Blues interesting! Moreover, check trendy keywords with search volume. Use Facebook Audience Insights to the target audience.

4. Create supporting visual content:

Ensure to make use of videos, GIFs into your content. Likewise, if you use the latest Instagram Reels, IGTV Videos and YouTube tools are the best.

Create supporting visual content

It is generally said that videos or GIFs get more engagement than mere images. Yes, you read it right! Videos get 40% more impressions than mere images. Therefore, your social media content must have valuable videos.

5. Schedule Posts:

Everything should be done on TIME. Exactly. TIME matters the most when you wish to have a strong social media marketing.

Schedule Posts

You’ve got a social media plan, you’ve got a content calendar, you’ve got a content copy, you’ve got the post. Now all you have to do is make a schedule to post on different social media platforms. Likewise, this will help you fetch more engagement on posts.

6. Monitor and reports:

Don’t set the post and forget it. At this stage, you need to monitor each social media campaign and its activity. Since this is the only way to streamline your marketing activities and business.

Monitor and Reporting

Keep on monitoring each element and see for changes if required. This will help you to track every social campaign.

Final Words:

Therefore, bring integration in your overall inbound marketing and digital marketing activities. Meet your end digital goals with Kirati Kreations.

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