Top Places to Visit Outside Mumbai


I am a travel blogger in Mumbai and due to a hectic schedule, it is difficult to travel. Nevertheless, travel is my ultimate option for peace and refreshment. Whenever I get time, I go to explore my city. Yes, I do love my city. But, I have a craze to explore top places outside Mumbai.

Some trips are always memorable whether solo or with family. I visited a few places outside Mumbai and I am going to write about them in this blog.

1. Mahabaleshwar:

The beautiful and dainty hillock in Maharashtra is worth the visit. Mahabaleswar is one of the famous tourist places in India. Referred to as the Queen of Hill Stations, the Mahabaleshwar trip was fun for me. I had visited here with my family and a few relatives during December 2018. December is the best time to visit here. The temperature in December is as low as 11 degrees. We stayed in a royal company bungalow offered by my daddy’s company.

Boating Time at Veena Lake

Veena Lake is an idyllic man-made lake in Mahabaleshwar. The lake has so much to offer. It was a cold serene day and we went for paddleboats ride which helped us to explore the place. Apart from the paddle boating, you can always go for the horse riding.

After, exploring Veena Lake, we went for the market and the famous Mapro Gardens for shopping. Chikkis, Juices, Jelly, Crushes were in my goodies. During the span of 8 days, we also visited points like Wilson Point, Sunset Point, Echo Point, and Arthur Seat Point. We also purchased lots of strawberries, another prominent eatery of the hill station.

Arthur Seat Point

2. Ahmedabad:

Ahmedabad, one of the best cities one can ever visit in Gujarat. I am incredibly in love with this city. Just not because my sister stays herein, but I loved to explore the unique places here. Ahmedabad is famous for delicious food and therefore, I have traveled lots of snack corners and restaurants here like Toran, Rajwadu to try out authentic Gujarati delicacies. You can see the image below:

Delicious Toran Dish

We had this delicious thali and went for a casual outing. The casual outing included the Iskcon Mall and Law Garden to purchase some vibrant clothes for me and my sister. In the evening, we went to satiate our hunger at Manek Chowk. Manek Chowk is one of the famous food streets in Ahmedabad.

I Love Crossword

As a food maniac, I tried a lot of delicacies out here. These delicacies included Pav Bhaji, Sandwich, Dosa, and lots more. In desserts, we had Oreo Nitrogen Biscuits, Fruit Tequilla Shots, and Malai Rabdi. Moreover, I am a book maniac, and hence, I had visited the famous book store “the Crossword” and from there we went to Kankaria Lake and a few other places.

Some mood making desserts

So, this was all about the journey to Ahmedabad. I hope I can explore more next time after the Corona Virus gets mitigated.

3. Igatpuri:

Igatpuri is one of the best holiday destinations in Maharashtra. Moreover, it is a popular weekend escapade just near Mumbai. Igatpuri has the most wonderful greenery resort views. Therefore, you will frequently feel to visit here leaving all the hustles and bustles of city life.

I love Igatpuri very much due to its peaceful nature and resorts out there. I had visited Igatpuri with my papa and two relative members. We had a plan to visit there one whole day and explore a few resorts out there. Likewise, we were finding a suitable destination for my brother’s wedding. Fortunately, we got to visit the famous Rain Forest Resort, Manan Resort to name a few.

Rain Forest Resort is indeed amazing with beautiful tents rooms, mostly Saltanat tents, bewitching views, eternal calmness amidst the natural greenery, and many more.

Saltanat Tents at Rain Forest Resort, Igatpuri

We explored the resorts, tasted some good food. Meanwhile, I was exploring the mini bird sanctuary in Manan Resort. There I had encountered a few unusual birds and played with them for a moment. I was afraid to go near them because these birds had a pointed beak. But my dad clicked a decent image as you can watch it down.

Play show with white birds

When we talk about Manan Resort, it is a calm and tranquil place you can ever visit with your friends, family, or loved ones. Moreover, the rooms, interiors, and resort lobby. You will feel to stay there forever.

Beautiful Garden in Manan Resort
Beautiful Nature of Igatpuri

Do visit here during rains or winter, the beauty of nature glows. Would you like to visit here after watching the images? Please do let me know in the comment sections.

4. Lonavala:

Tiger Point, Lonavala

Being a part of the Sahyadri hills, Lonavala offers a bewitching and alluring view of nature. It is surrounded by dense forests, lush greenery, waterfalls, and a charismatic look. I and my friends had a beautiful weekend trip to Talegaon, Lonavala, and Karla for 2 days.

In December 2019, 7 friends made a plan for a weekend escapade. Hence, we went to Lonavala for exploring the beauty, nature and purchased “Chikkis” from the prominent Maganlal Chikki. then we went to the North Indian lunch at a beautiful restaurant. Known as the “Misty Weekend Getaway”, Lonavala has lots of places to visit like the wonderful Tiger Point.

Tiger Point, Lonavala

We had fun at this very spot. I and my friends were indulged in some games and clicked some interesting images. Since it was the last days of 2019 year and we were on the verge of welcoming 2020, I have clicked an exciting image where I am opening my arms to welcome “2020”. Here you can see me

Tiger Point, Lonavala

Moreover, it is always fun with friends. Further, we headed towards Talegaon, 40 km from Lonavala, a beautiful dainty town for a peaceful weekend. In Talegaon, we had booked a beautiful resort named Emerald Resorts. Nestled in the inner parts of Talegaon, Emerald Resort is one of the finest resorts with A graded facilities, open gardens. Moreover, you get delicious foods there and indoor games to entertain yourself around the clock.

My Friends in Talegaon Emerald Resort

We had fun on the resort premises on the first day. Further, we played games and had lots of food and ghost gossips. On the second day, we headed towards Karla caves and temple. Karla is located almost 11 km from Lonavala.

The bewitching interiors of the Karla Caves

As you can see, the interiors of Karla caves are totally mesmerizing and carved minutely. Moreover, the temple is also beautiful that is located in the mountains. The sunset is awe-inspiring and eye-soothing.

Awe-inspiring Sunset

Then we headed back to our homes in the late evening with endless memories and smiles.

Final Words:

So, these were some of the places that I have covered before the Covid-19 outbreak. I have also visited a few more and will be describing them separately. Till then enjoy reading and keep remembering the places you have visited before lockdown and quarantine situations. Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy.

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