5 Countries Having Most Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Did you know there are 11,000+ UNESCO World Heritage Sites present across the globe? That’s a staggering figure. Sometimes, while planning out for a holiday, we usually check which countries have UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

UNESCO World Heritage Sites give unparalleled honor and prestige to any tourist attraction. These places have a unique story attached and also have some unique physical or historical significance. So, today we will watch the top 5 countries having the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Site:

5 Countries Having Most Number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

1. Italy:

Look anywhere, ask anyone, Italy will definitely be in “to visit bucket list”. Italy has a beautiful and vibrant history of leading Western culture and traditions. Hence, it has got more than 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Italy has incredible historic centers that depict their own stories. 

Some of them include Medici villas, gardens, Villa Romana del Casale. Likewise, nature is also bewitching here. You can visit the mighty mountain landscapes of the Dolomites. These sites are diversified and indeed beautiful. These places are visited by many people in the world. 

2. China:

China also has more than 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites. But only The Great Wall of China has got an entry in this list. On the contrary, China has enchanting palaces, temples, empires, impressive tombs, and much more. 


Sichuan giant panda sanctuaries, Chengjiang fossil site, Imperial tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Lushan National Park, and lots more. 

3. Spain:

Spanish culture and history are some of the most enchanting things you can experience. From archaeological sites to architectural places, Spain has everything to show you.


Therefore, the fascinating places like the works of Antequera Dolmens Site, Palmeral of Elche, Burgos Cathedral, Las Medulas, Works of Antoni Gaudi, and lots more. Moreover, you can make a visit to the biodiversity and culture of Ibiza. 

4. Germany:

Germany has 40+ UNESCO World Sites. Just like France, Germany has many beguiling religious and cultural places like memorials for Martin Luther King. Also, there are many cathedrals in Aachen, Cologne cities. 


Architectural monuments depict unique historical stories in a flourished and modernized way. Bauhaus’s birthplace in Germany is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Likewise, Ice Age art is one of the most beautiful places with interesting features and facts. Ice Age art is in Swabian caves.

5. France:

France also has more than 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites just like Germany. From wonderful cathedrals to jaw-dropping palaces to hillock houses like cellars of Champagne, Seine rivulet in Paris


The fort of Vauban and Carcassonne depicts the visual history of France. Also, there are lots of Roman origin places you can explore here such as Mont Perdu in the Pyrenees. 

Final Words:

If you ever feel like you wish to travel and explore the best places, do visit the nations with UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will surely get numerous things to explore along with facts and history. Isn’t this amazing? 

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