15 Genius Ways to Save Money While Travelling


Are you finding 15 genius ways to save money while travelling? You are at the right place.

Travelling is indeed a long term activity. It is not a short-term activity or a weekend escapade. You travel longer and explore more on a short trip. You wish to try all sort of foods and beverages. Moreover, you even wish to stay in special accommodations and everything special. But you need to take care of your budget and expenses.

Well, there are various ways to save money while you travel. This needs deep research, travel strategies and smart investments. Likewise, you need to skip some of the buying plans to manage your travel. So, friends, we will today note down 15 genius ways to save your money while you travel.

15 Genius Ways To Save Your Money While You Travel:

1. Travel in the Off-Season:

Everyone has heard about the word “high season” and its a real thing. When it’s the festive season like New Year, Christmas, the rates spike up harshly.

Travelling Girl

But during normal days or days when there is no festive time, everything is affordable. Flight cost, hotels cost, shopping costs and even tour packages too. Its that time you should go on a trip to your dream place. The off-season is the ideal time to visit anywhere. So, keep checking and comparing different packages. Visit places with less crowd like Maldives or Myanmar.

2. Cook more and eat out less:

If you want to travel to maximum places with a minimum spend, then you can cook for yourself and eat. This not only saves enormous costing for food but also makes you healthy.

Breakfast and Meals

Likewise, during travel, carry a cooker and cooking pan along with you. Cook there any dish you love and stay healthy while you travel. By doing this, you are escaping taxes and cost of hotel foods. Isn’t this amazing? Moreover, you can purchase simple ingredients to cook that are affordable. This is one of the best travel tips in the 15 genius ways to save your money while you travel.

3. Minimize drinks at the bar:

When you cook yourself, you can also minimize taking alcohol. Beers, cocktails and tequilas are a bit expensive. However, some people travel for beer, wine and cocktails, so, this can be hefty for their travel budget. Rather, you can return home and drink or drink before you leave for the trip.

In this way, you can smartly reduce extra costs. Ensure not to carry wine and beer bottles on the trip since you may face legal actions.

4. Stay in Hostels:

One of the best ways to save costs during travel is staying in hostels. Hostels are always cheap and they provide memorable experience, cultural experiences and lastly they fit your budget. Amazing right?

Zostel Hostels

If you travel to India, Zostel is one of the best hostels you can ever stay. There are plenty of activities available to you.

5. Shop at local stores:

Local stores or super markets have reasonable items and groceries. Moreover, shopping at local stores and super markets help you to taste local cuisine without paying much penny. If you love non-vegetarian food, try out fishes or chicken.

6. Travel to places where your country currency takes you farther:

There is a website named Price of Travel, you can make use of the same to compute cost of your trip and travel. It helps travellers to compare the travel cost precisely. You need to compute per day travel and research on travelling to different places too. This will help you save money greatly.

15 genius ways to save money

7. Cut out shopping:

We do understand that shopping is one of the most important things you wish to do. But, you need to take care of expenses. Some things are unique at some places but you can find those things nearby your home or may be you can purchase the same online.

Think whether this is necessary for you as of now? Or do you find it like you need a particular item urgently? Hence, in this way you can cut “extra travel” expenses.

8. Find out things to perform for free while travelling:

There are several ways to do things for free across the world. If you are least interested in walking several miles to explore scenes. Then you can definitely choose to see nature and artistic places.

Cycle on trips

Likewise, you can visit, famous historical, ancient ruins and architecture for a few days where you have to merely waste a dollar or two. Also, you can visit national parks with bus and safari facilities.

9. Walk and take public transport wherever possible:

It is a bit expensive to hire private cabs or cars wherever you visit. Therefore, before planning a trip, all you need to do is check out the public transport systems like train, metros or buses. These are cheap and convenient. Moreover, make use of Google Maps to reach a particular place and also make use of the city guide or travel journal to explore places. Let your travel diaries be reasonable for you.

10. Check out for tourism cards:

If you are a travel enthusiast, you should find and gain free entry to famous travel spots, discounts for your favourite cuisine and shopping. Moreover, you can skip the long queues at busy attractions and even you cant get free guidebooks.

11. Go for average hotel rooms:

The maximum cost of travel involves rent for hotels or guest rooms. Calculate how much time are you really going to spend time. You just need to store your luggage and sleep, change your dress, and taking a bath. If you are going to travel the whole day, go and choose average rooms. Pay will be very affordable.

12. Be flexible while flying:

Whenever you book a flight ticket, be flexible with the budget. Check all the flights you wish to catch. Compare the time, safety and cost of the tickets. Likewise, you need to check the halt and also check whether the prices of tickets are going to come down after a few days. Moreover, check whether trains are available to reach the destination.

Choose affordable mode of transport

13. Big Lunch Box:

This is another important aspect to focus on. Restaurants and snacks corners offer lunch coupons or meals at discounts. You can grab one of those and have heavy lunch so that you can have a light dinner. Moreover, you can carry bread butter, heavy and durable breakfast packets along with you and juices too. Also, you can check out the tiffin services if available nearby your hotel or street food.

14. Go with Tours:

Yes, you read it right. You can check out tours that take you to a particular destination. This can be very helpful to adjust your total costs on food, travel and stay. Likewise, your rates get divided and you are not lonely in an unknown place. There are many genuine travel agencies available that provide cheap packages. You can contact Thomas Cook or similar tour agents.

15. Make use of credit cards:

Take cash with you along with certain credit cards. While travelling, swipe the card as you may get a certain per cent of discount and points to shop. Many credit cards don’t have foreign transaction fees and you can easily travel and spend on foods and shops.

Credit Cards

Summing Up…

We hope that you have gained a good pack of knowledge and so, thought to share. These tips can be very useful and hence, you can follow these too on your next trip.

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