6 Awesome Instagram Tips and Tricks To Try NOW


Are you tired of reading the old and same Instagram tips? Yes, you are. Knowing 6 awesome Instagram tips and tricks isn’t easy.

People advise you of post regularly, use relevant hashtags, create high-quality content,and blah blah. It’s boring to hear that, isn’t it?

But on a serious note, we notice Instagram profiles of the influencers with 10K, 20K to several million followers. We get jealousy.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Likewise, we feel that they have some “Secret Techniques”. Or do they have some advanced tips to beautify their Instagram account? There can be numerous reasons.

Furthermore, you might have seen Instagram accounts of famous star Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo. Millions of people follow them. However, if they can earn so many followers, we can too. Hence, let us know 6 awesome Instagram tricks and tips to try NOW!

6 awesome Instagram tricks and tips:

1.Make use of own fonts on stories:

However, you have many fonts, but it is better to use your own fonts on Instagram stories. Instagram has only basic five fonts viz Modern. Classic, Neon, Typewriter, and Strong. But, brands need to use a customized font.

Instagram Fonts

Ensure to make use of Instagram Fonts or Fonts for Instagram. Hence, with these tools you can select a number of stylish fonts.

2. Use “Extra” colors:

Have you ever felt that your brand colors dont match with the Stories colors? However, a rare fact is that you can use many colors in selection tool.

Follow simple steps to do this:

i. Open Instagram Stories and use drawing pen icon.

ii. Furthermore, click on any color and hold the finger.

iii. Likewise, many colors will appear and select any of your choice.

iv. Moreover, you can select variety of colors for the text.

Instagram Colour Palette

3. Post Instagram Posts directly to other channels:

If you are posting the image or video on every platform, then you need to ensure to connect Instagram with Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook,and Linkedin. Likewise, the posts will be shared automatically on all.

Go to Profile —-> Settings —->Accounts —-> Linked Accounts and your work is done.

Instagram post on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter
Link Accounts to post on all channels

4. Story Highlights and Archives:

As we know that Instagram Stories are ephemeral in nature. However, after the year 2017, Instagram automatically archives all your Stories after 24 hours.

In order to access all the stories, you need to visit profile —-> Press on the Archive button on the top of the page.

Archives Post and Stories

Furthermore, you can also share Story Highlights to mark most important stories of the profile. Ultimately, you stories are all saved here even after completion of 24 hours.

5. Make your posts shoppable:

Instagram is one of the coolest platforms to shop and sell any products. So why not make Instagram profitable? Likewise, you can make your posts that entice visitors or targeted audience to buy your products.

Instagram Shop for Brands

Furthermore, you can make your page more intriguing and engrossing by making a brand shop on Instagram. Instagram Shop is the latest feature that allows a brand to list all its products along with price and super quality content. Make extensive use of the same and also, send people to your original website and eCommerce market channel too.

Here, you can also connect your product catalog to your Instagram business page. This feature definitely increases sales, revenue,and brand visibility across the globe.

6. Make use of Instagram Reels and IGTV:

Technically, it is concluded that IGTV and Reel type videos gain more views and engagements than a simple post image. So why not make use of these both to sell your products and present your brand in front of world?

Instagram Reels and IGTV

Moreover, make use of quality content and give call to action. Further, you can share Instagram IGTV and Instagram Reels on the stories section for more visibility.

Note, Instagram Reels is the latest feature that has similar functions like TikTok and users across Instagram are using Reels over the TikTok ban.

Final Words:

What Instagram Tricks and Tips do you think are vital for today’s brand? Probably, if you are looking the ways to beautify and tactfully promote your Instagram, then these tricks can surely work for you.

And with the help of Kirati Kreations, you can streamline those tweaks and issues quickly.

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