Daily Workout Ideas From Living Rooms


Not all the time you need to look for gym or fitness equipment to keep yourself fit and healthy but a number of exercises that you can do easily at your home with some basic things present in your living room itself and no professional equipment required.

You might wonder if these room workout ideas can actually make a difference or not. The answer is yes, they will. These daily workout ideas are implemented by a number of fitness influencers and experts in their routine. Once you start the implementation of these daily workout ideas from the living room itself, you will find the changes in yourself in just a week or two.

These exercises are simple and effective and easy to do. The timing and reps of these exercises are indicated with them and you will enjoy the process of getting fit.

Core moves and the first steps:

  1. Sit-ups:- This is an easy and effective exercise to start with. You must already be aware of what sit-ups are but in case you are not; you need to lie down on your back. Keep your legs a little bent and upright. Now you need to push your back up and down. It also helps you strengthen your spine. Three sets of 20 would be good at the beginning and once you find 20 easy to do keep pushing your limits and numbers.

2. Planks: – You need to be in the push-up position but instead of palm, rest your body weight on your elbows and toes. Keep your body still in the position for a minute. Your body should be straight from toe to head. Do this, two or three times for 30 seconds to 1 minute as much as you can. It helps to keep the body posture good strengthening the whole body and spine.

3. Bicycle: – All you need to do is to lie down on your back, keep your legs in the air, and move them just like you move your legs while riding a bicycle. This exercise is extremely good for your leg and lower abdomen. The V abs we talk about the easy to get with this exercise in the routine. You can also keep your hands in air perpendicular to your back and move them like you punch on a punching bag. This way, the exercise can be a bit challenging and you can make a good move for the hands as well.

Home Cardio ideas from the living room:

  1. Jumping jacks:- One of the most fun exercise of the routine you can enjoy with your kids. Start with a standing position. The next step is to jump and pull your legs apart from each other in the opposite direction. Your hands should also move above your head. Get back again into a standing position. There must be a symphony in the movement of your legs and hands. Also, keep doing this for about a minute with a decent speed that is not too slow and not too fast. This exercise helps you enhance your heart rate quickly making you ready for the heavy exercises. It also improves the flexibility of your body and the required fat loss.

2. High knees: – start with standing still in one position. Next thing is to start jogging without moving your position. Jog at the same place and try to keep your knees as high as possible. Do it for 30 seconds to 1 minute two times before you jump into doing and of the heavy exercises. If you find this easy to do, you can place some weight on your back by putting some things in a bag. This will also help your spine and your postures.

Lower Body Workout from the living room:

  1. Squats: – The first exercise anyone and everyone would recommend you for the lower body is squats. Squats are good for the hamstring muscles and the glutes. You just need to move your body up and down without moving your legs. one mistake to avoid while doing squats is the placement of your hands. Do not keep your hands attached to your chest or hips. Do not support your body with hands during this exercise. Do three sets of 12 to 20.
  2. Squat jumps: – Squats can be brought one step up with squat jumps. As the name suggests, in squat jumps, when you push your upwards, you need to jump before you come to the standing position. This addition helps in the strengthening of your joints.
  3. Calf Raise: – All you need to do is to raise your body up on your toes and getting down back. To balance properly, you can face a wall and put your palm on the wall but do not try to support your toes with some push of your hands.

Upper Body Workout from Living Room:

  1. Pushups: – One exercise bringing efforts on all your body. You must already be aware of how to do pushups and let me tell you how much and why to do them. Three sets of 12-20 are enough. If you find them easy, you can put some weight on your back. Different positions of your hands can affect different regions of your body. Close-grip pushups help your triceps, and a wide grip can help your chest. Pushups also improve your back.
  2. Deadlifts: – Deadlifts are good for your whole body. It has an impact on your chest, legs, back, and arms. To do so, you can use some jugs or other material present as weight and so the deadlifts.
  3. Biceps workouts: – You can use different products in your room like a jug, a big bottle, a suitcase, or if you have a kid, he can be your weight. Using these products as your weight, you can do the necessary exercises for your biceps and triceps. If you have a heavyweight, use both the hands for the exercise.