Ashley Madison, also known as The Ashley Madison Agency is basically a Canadian online dating service website and app. It is basically a social networking service marketed for single people or married who wish to have an extramarital affair. 

It is obvious that we need love and intimacy in our lives. So, we constantly look for someone to take care of our life and share quality moments with us. Life is short and it is recommended to have a love affair with someone who understands us.

In this case, you can always find out from your friend circle or peer group. But if you are unable to find anybody, dating apps can help you find that special person.

Ashley Madison is redesigned to give you the best discreet dating experience. Also, this app has been given a massive makeover. The look and feel have been made dynamic and there are several new features. 

Unlike other dating services website, Ashley Madison has changed the dating world. It has become one of the most preferred dating websites for settling down. 

Pros of Ashley Madison:

1.      Anybody can join: The dating service website Ashley Madison is made for all the people who are bored with their current partners. Otherwise, this website also helps you to find the perfect match, if you are single.

2.     Simple and Easy to use interface: Ashley Madison app is very easy to use. You need to simply register with your details and sign up. We will mention the complete signup process later in this article 

3.     Find lots of people: Good news is you are able to find out lots of people just like you. All you need to do is submit your personal details interests, hobbies, expectations, name, and other details. Here, you can know people who match your interest and liking. This will help you to develop tuning in every possible way. 

4.    Great views: Ashley Madison app is used extensively by people. Per month views come out to be 7,00,000 per monthly. You just need to develop a genuine and perfect profile for self and you can exactly meet the person you are looking for. 

Cons of Ashley Madison:

1.     Fake Claims: Sometimes, users of Ashley Madison encounter fake claims and offers. As per the reports of 2019, there were more than 30 million accounts who were cheating their spouses. Due to this, many people or users have attempted suicide. 

2.      Unwanted membership fees: Users have to pay money to talk with other members. Men or guys have to pay fees in multiple ways. Firstly, if they receive a message from a girl or woman, they have to pay fees to unlock the message. Moreover, if they wish to connect with any woman or a girl via message and reveal their details, they have to pay fees too. 

3.       Fake profiles: Ashley Madison’s website has many fake female profiles. Even after paying money or membership fees, male users have to pay additional fees to unlock profiles or messages. They even do not know whether the profile they wish to check is real or a fake one.

4.       Reality can be different: People or users can have different identities or even faces. Additionally, they can add fake details to attract and impress people to spend their lives. We do not come to know the real identity or habits of users. 

Sign Up Process: 

You can register and sign up with Ashley Madison easily. The signup or registration is absolutely free. It takes a couple of minutes to register on the Ashley Madison website.

The first step includes the sharing of personal information with Ashley Madison:

  1. Click the Registration button 
  2. The main page of the website will appear
  3. Then click on Find Your Match
  4. A form will be opened as profile completion form
  5. Put the relationship status (Attached Male seeking Females, Single male seeking females and several options)
  6. Add username of your choice
  7. Add password. Ensure to make a strong password. 
  8. Select a Location (Country)
  9. Add Zip or Postal Code 
  10. Add Birthday or Date of Birth 
  11. Ethnicity (Nationality)
  12. Add email id or email address
  13. Read the terms and conditions carefully 
  14. After reading the terms, click I AGREE button 

Make sure to fill all details genuine details and also the website does not check any background or criminal records. 

After completing the registration, you have to fill the HOOKUP IN Form where information will be displayed like:

  1. I am a (Select from Man or Woman)
  2. Seeking (Man or Woman) 
  3. Between (Age). Ensure you are at least 18 years and above
  4. Interested in. There are several options present (Casual encounters, friends with benefits, discreet romance, dating, online fun, activity partners)
  5. Add your Username 
  6. Add your Password 
  7. Add your email address 
  8. Add your date of birth (add accurate one)
  9. Add your country 
  10. Add a city or zip code 

Users Age: User should be 18 or above 
Sexual Preferences:  Male and Female can sign up or register here.

Features of Ashley Madison:

Every day millions of people join Ashley Madison to find a partner. Single, attached, divorced, widowed, or married to find a partner. Fortunately, Ashley Madison is an open-minded dating community where you can find that pleasure and fun with lover. 

  1. Millions of people are finding you: Every day millions of people are joining this app to find that someone special. Make sure to join this app and website with complete, genuine information.
  2. It takes only a few moments: Whenever you are bored, tired and confused, spend few minutes here finding someone you can spend time with. 
  3. For everyone: Whatever brings you to Ashley Madison, you are surely safe as you are only not alone here. This website’s members are single, attached, divorced, and seeking an affair partner. They can be anyone who is seeking satisfaction and love for a moment or even for a lifetime. 

Sexual orientation, relationship status, education, age, wealth, and religion have no use here. Everyone has independent reasons to join a dating site like Ashley Madison because they are getting what they actually look for.